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How strange it feels sometimes

Like we all are just lonely souls 

wondering aimlessly

Drifting like the rain clouds. 

Crossing the river

Cut through the forest

Dive into the deep ocean,

Reach the top of the mountain.



some come back downhill 

Some get lost on their way 

And, Few make it Home.

Those who return 

Are with different identities

Again left on their own to decide, discover themselves

To embark on a new journey. 

The seasons leave and then return

The pupa turns into butterflies

The dewdrops rejuvenate the worn Earth.

The cycle of life goes on!

About the Author: Anindita Debnath is a Dehradun based researcher who works on climate change and ecosystem services in High-altitude areas of the Indian Himalayan Region.
Email: [email protected]

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